Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile

The Trade Interceptor forex mobile application enables you to manage and trade live with various forex brokers from the palm of your hand. With its multi-broker technology and multiple account management features, this app allows you to trade directly from charts and quote grids. The app synchronizes your trading positions with your desktop application, so you can access your trading positions even from a mobile device. It also allows you to set alerts and receive notifications in the desktop application.

The Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile application offers a variety of tools used by professional traders, including trend-following, support, and training. One of the key features of this application is its trendRisk Bands, which display dynamic support and resistance levels and trend inversion points. TrendRisk bands are automatically updated in real-time and are constantly monitored for price changes. Users can even set up custom alerts using the app.

The free trade app is available for download on the App Store. Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile offers multi-broker trading with advanced technical analysis tools. It also features over eighty indicators and 50 drawing tools. It is available for download for all major mobile operating systems. Once downloaded, the app offers the ability to trade multiple currencies and watch real-time news. This application is great for anyone who wants to stay connected to the forex market anywhere they go.

ThinkMarkets was founded in 2010 and has built a comprehensive trading ecosystem for the FX industry. The company has emphasized a seamless trading experience, putting digitisation and full-automation at the heart of its offering. The Trade Interceptor forex mobile app offers a customised customer journey that allows you to fund your account with a number of convenient payment methods. It also offers advanced trading software and ongoing training to its users.

The Trade Interceptor forex mobile application is an excellent forex trading tool that can synchronize with the desktop version of the MetaTrader software. It gives you live quotes of currency pairs and allows you to monitor raw material prices. It is an advanced trading platform that offers an impressive number of analytical mechanisms and a user-friendly interface. It also comes in web and mobile versions, and you can download it on Windows, Linux, or macOS-powered computers.

The trade interceptor forex mobile app is free, allowing you to get live forex trading information without signing up or logging in. In addition, you can view the broker s information without having to create an account. If you re serious about trading forex, this app is an indispensable tool. It provides you with all the necessary information to make sound investment decisions, and is also a great time-saver. So, why not download it and start using it right away?